July meeting

MWA-NE is going to host member readings on Wednesday, July 29. Join the Zoom meeting and hear what our members have been up to so far this summer.

Read something published or still in process. Please limit yourself to about 500 words (about two pages double spaced, one page single-spaced, and three pages printed with crayon).

Send an email to newsletter@mwane.org if you are interested in attending, and I will send you a link.  Include the title of what you’ll be reading from if you’re interested in reading.


June meeting

Wednesday, June 10, 7pm

This Wednesday’s meeting is one of my favorites, though we will have to hold it online this year. This is when we get to learn more of each other as mystery writers. Everyone gets to read from a work in progress, recent publication, or soon to be published book or story—and what surprises we discover! Who knew that writer was such a history buff or that one had a talent for humor or another created such grisly scenes? Bring it on, folks!


May meeting

Author Idol
Wednesday, May 13, 7pm

The first pages of your novel control whether it can attract an agent, convince an editor, and sell a reader. They have to be excellent.

In the Author Idol Zoom webinar, Josh Brogadir will read your pages to a panel of three agents. If the an agent would have stopped reading they raise their hand, if two raise their hands we stop reading and discuss what could improved.

Registration information coming soon.


April meeting

The Difficulties of Writing from Six Feet Away – Dennis Palumbo
Monday, April 27, 7pm

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives. We’re cut off from friends and family, worried about our loved ones, and disrupted at work. But at least we have all this extra time to get our writing done, right? Maybe not. Many writers report having difficulty getting words on the page or focusing on their works in progress.

To help us talk this through, the New England Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America is bringing in a renowned expert with unique knowledge and experience. Dennis Palumbo was a Hollywood screenwriter whose credits include the feature film My Favorite Year, and he wrote for classic TV series like Welcome Back, Kotter and The Love Boat. He left screenwriting to become a licensed psychotherapist specializing in creative issues. Dennis also writes the acclaimed mystery novels featuring psychologist Daniel Rinaldi, and he’s the author of the indispensable book Writing from the Inside Out.

Dennis will be in conversation with local writer Jay Shepherd on Zoom this Monday, April 27, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, including time for some audience questions. Please join us five or ten minutes early to avoid any difficulties logging in.

Our audience is limited to 100 so please register:

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for Mystery Writers of America, New England to have its monthly meeting, it has caused many of our members to download the Zoom app and get comfortable online, and that allows MWA-NE to launch its webinar program. The silver lining of all this is that now we can invite guests from all over and our members who don’t live near Boston can easily attend.


Author News – Dale T. Phillips

Dale T. Phillips has published his latest mystery, Neptune City. When LA detective Jim Lloyd reluctantly returns to his NJ hometown for a final funeral, he is pulled into his troubled past, and a world of secrets, deceit, and danger.

Dale T. Phillips - Nepturne


March meeting – Cancelled

Tales from the Crypt: Homicidal and Suicidal Poisonings – Dr. BJ Magnani
Wednesday, March 11

*** Cancelled ***

Come join us to hear about cases of homicidal and suicidal poisonings.

Dr. Magnani, Professor of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (and Professor of Medicine) at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston MA is internationally recognized for her expertise in clinical chemistry and toxicology. Dr. Magnani has served as the member-at-large of the TDM and Toxicology Division of the AACC, and as an editor of Clinical and Forensic Toxicology News. She also served as a member of the Council on Scientific Affairs for the CAP, and is the Chair of the CAP Toxicology Resource Committee. Dr. Magnani is the author of Lily Robinson and the Art of Secret Poisoning (nVision Press), as well as one of the editors of The Clinical Toxicology Laboratory: Contemporary Practice of Poisoning Evaluation, 2nd edition (AACC Press), and Clinical Toxicology Testing: A Guide for Laboratory Professionals, 2nd edition (CAP Press). Her novel, The Queen of All Poisons was released in June of 2019 with a portion of the proceeds going to the CAP Foundation to help with free screening for breast and cervical cancer.


February Meeting

Misadventures in The Publishing Business: A Case-Study-Driven Discussion
Wednesday, February 12

We’d like to think that authors can afford to spend their energy exclusively on writing, but that’s a fantasy. Whether they are independently published or traditionally published, authors must focus on the business of publishing. We’ve all learned this over the course of our careers.

In this interactive talk, Ray Daniel will share the successes and disasters of his career as case studies so that we can learn the business of publishing from each other.

Food and conversation at 6:30.
The meeting proper begins at 7.

The Public Library of Brookline
361 Washington St
Brookline, MA 02445




Author News – Glenn Ickler

Glenn Ickler’s Lanterns of Death is now available. Newspaper reporter Mitch Mitchell and photographer Al Jeffrey are on Martha’s Vineyard to testify in a murder trial when fatal shots are fired on Grand Illumination Night in the historic Martha’s Vineyard Campground.


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