January meeting

Forensic Genetic Genealogy – Anthony Redgrave
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
6:30 pm on Zoom to socialize
The meeting proper begins at 7:00

Anthony Redgrave, lead forensic genetic genealogist of Redgrave Research Forensic Services in Massachusetts, will explain the process of forensic genetic genealogy in criminal investigations. Anthony has been a forensic genetic genealogist for nearly four years and has participated in solving over thirty cases in that time. He has a background in creative writing, instructional design, and educational leadership. Forensic genetic genealogy is primarily used to identify unidentified John and Jane Does, and perpetrators of violent crime who have left DNA evidence at a crime scene. Anthony will describe what kinds of samples are used, how they are collected, the chain of custody for all the evidence, and the genealogical research process. A Q&A session will follow.