Author Headshots


Headshots are an essential part of an author’s marketing toolkit, yet professional head shots are one of the most expensive aspects of an author’s marketing mix.  The Mystery Writers of New England Headshot Grant is a one-time grant that helps our members afford a new head shot.

Grant Program Overview

The MWA-NE Headshot Grant is a one-time $250 reimbursement of charges paid to an approved headshot artists.  Members must apply for the grant in advance of their headshot expenditure and provide a receipt and headshot to receive the grant.

The grant is available to each member of MWA-NE once only.

The MWA-NE Headshot Grant is available in 2016, with the potential for renewal in future years.  The program’s renewal will depend upon its popularity, practicality, and affordability. The rules for the 2016 grant may not apply to future grants.

Approved Headshot Artists

The grant is only available for headshots purchased from approved headshot artists.  All headshot photographers must be approved by the board in advance of a grant request.  Members may nominate headshot photographers for addition to the approved list.  Photographers may only be added to the list through member nomination and board approval.

The Headshot Grant Process

MWA-NE members who wish to receive a headshot grant follow this procedure:

  1. Fill out a Headshot Grant Request Form online.
  2. Wait for an email from the MWA-NE Board approving the grant.  (Grants must be approved by two members of the board.)
  3. Conduct the headshot session with the photographer, paying the photographer in full for services.
  4. Request the grant amount of $250 by submitting a receipt from the headshot photographer and a headshot.

The MWA-NE treasurer will write a check for $250 to complete the grant.

Only one lifetime grant is available to each member.

The MWANE Headshot Grant Program must be explicitly extended each year by the board.