About Us

Who We Are

We are a regional chapter of Mystery Writers of America, which covers 50 states in the U.S. Joining the national organization gives you membership in one of the local chapters.

MWANE meetings are for programs of interest, and networking. All crime writers, both published and aspiring, are welcome.

We write the entire genre, from traditional mysteries to thrillers, short stories, biographies, and screenplays.

How to Become a Member of MWA

Taken from the MWA website at www.mysterywriters.org:

The Mystery Writers of America is the leading association for professional crime writers in the United States. Members of MWA include most major writers of crime fiction and non-fiction, as well as screenwriters, dramatists, new-media writers, editors, publishers, and other professionals in the field. We welcome anyone who is interested in mysteries and crime writing to join MWA.

The membership information on this Web site is subject to change without notice. Every attempt has been made to present accurate information about membership and membership categories, but all memberships, criteria, and category assignments are made or approved at the discretion of the MWA National Board.

Membership Categories

There are five categories of membership:

  • Active membership is open to professional writers in the crime/mystery/suspense field whose work has been published or produced in the U.S., who reside in the U.S., and who meet specific criteria set by the Board for this category. Currently, some of those criteria are:
    1. The applicant is a professional creative writer of fiction, non-fiction, or drama (including TV, screenplays, radio, and staged drama).
    2. The writer has received payment for his or her work in an amount determined by the Board of Directors of Mystery Writers of America. Proof of payment is required.
    3. The publisher is on MWA’s list of approved publishers or eligible to be added to that list; similar criteria are set for dramas, films, and video productions.
    4. Work may be self-published.  See criteria for active status membership for the details.

    Only Active status members may vote, hold office, and serve on Edgar® committees in MWA. Learn more about the criteria for Active status

  • Associate membership is open to professionals residing in the U.S. who work in the allied fields listed below:
    1. Agent, representing the works and estates of mystery writers.
    2. Attorney, whose is practice is primarily one of representing writers and other creators of intellectual property. Includes writers’ tax attorneys, copyright attorneys, literary attorneys, and others offering specialized legal services to writers.
    3. Bookseller, who owns or manages a store which sells mysteries.
    4. Director of plays, screenplays, television programs or other dramatic works which are mysteries.
    5. Editor of mysteries, working for payment within a publishing house or for a magazine. Book doctors, private copyeditors, and those offering other private editor services are Affiliates.
    6. Journalist, covering the field of mystery writing or interviewing writers.
    7. Librarian, working with a collection which includes mysteries.
    8. Producer of films, television programs or movies, plays, Internet productions, or audiotapes which are mysteries.
    9. Publicist or other paid public relations specialist representing mystery writers.
    10. Publisher of mysteries other than one’s own (may include one’s own, but not exclusively one’s own, and must pay writers for their work), including mystery magazine publishers.
    11. Reviewer, who is a paid reviewer of mysteries for newspapers, magazines, and journals. Unpaid reviewers are Affiliates.
  • Affiliate members are writers of crime/mystery/suspense fiction who are not yet professionally published, and others with an interest in the genre, including unpaid reviewers and fans or publishers not approved by MWA.
  • Student members shall be affiliate members 18-26 years of age paying membership dues reduced 50% from the prevailing rate. For simplicity’s sake, the dues amount shall be adjusted to the next higher whole-dollar.
  • Corresponding members are those who might be in any of the above categories, but who live outside the United States.

To apply, you must print the appropriate application form from your browser, or write to us to ask for an application form:

Mystery Writers of America
1140 Broadway, Suite 1507
New York, NY  10001

Completed application forms should be sent to the same address. All memberships and membership classifications must be approved by the MWA Board.

If you apply for Active category for the first time, you will receive a supplemental application asking for more information regarding your professional credits.

Dues for all categories of membership are $115.00 per year. There is no initiation fee. Payment may be made online at http://www.mysterywriters.org or mailed directly to MWA. Please include your first year’s dues with your application.