October meeting

Wednesday, October 14

Jason Allison will take attendees through two investigations and illustrate how difficult it can be to get from what you know to what you can prove.

Jason Allison spent twenty years with the New York City Police Department, retiring in 2018 with the rank of Detective Second Grade. He worked in a South Bronx Detective Squad and the NYPD/ATF Joint Robbery Task Force, SPARTA, where he was designated a Special United States Marshal. In his career he investigated homicides, shootings, violent street gangs and high-end robbery crews. Familiar with both the New York State and Federal legal systems, he was the primary detective on a long term case that would eventually serve as the blueprint for the Department’s targeted prosecution of criminal organizations.

Jason has written two novels deemed unpublishable by the literary world, and is currently finishing his third.

Conversation begins at 6:30.
The meeting proper begins at 7.

If you are not a member of Mystery Writers of America, New England, and would like to attend, please send an email to info@mwane.org